About us

Competitive Intelligence Alliance was founded in June 2022 with a mission to unite competitive intelligence leaders and strategic analysts across the globe - all while offering the best resources available for your career and business development.

Whether competitive intelligence is your bread and butter or a small but crucial part of the larger role you play, we’re the resource you’ve been looking for to scale up, broaden your horizons and fulfill your ambitions 🤩.

What we do

Very much a growing community, Competitive Intelligence Alliance has achieved a lot in a short space of time and we have more exciting and bigger plans to come.

  • Our Slack Community is growing each day, offering competitive intel pros a platform to ask and have answered all their burning questions.
  • Our membership packages offer CI specialists all the L&D they need to develop their careers and boost the bottom lines of their businesses.
  • Our weekly resources, podcasts, and newsletters are curated with the latest insights direct from thought leaders to keep you one step ahead of competitors.
  • Our summits and events, run worldwide, bring countless competitive intelligence professionals like you face-to-face to share and grow.
  • Our courses empower your professional development so you can study for that next promotion from wherever you are.
  • Our reports offer deep dives into the latest industry data to cut through the noise and forecast trends before they happen, keeping you at the cutting edge.

The Alliance

Competitive Intelligence Alliance is a proud member of The Alliance umbrella, the world’s most forward-thinking professional development platform, offering you all the resources you need to keep ahead of the curve, develop your career, and innovate early.

Through market-leading accredited courses, unrivaled membership plans, industry-shaping reports, thriving communities, and first-class events, The Alliance redefines the way companies access education and scale.

Other members of The Alliance include Product Marketing Alliance, Product-Led Alliance, Future of SaaS, AI Accelerator Institute, Customer Success Collective, CMO Alliance, and more.