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Inside, Competitive Intelligence pros are talking strategy, implementation, and the latest and greatest methods for improving data gathering efficiency.

Our Slack community workspace includes spots for friendly hellos from your new peers, job postings, and open forums for fielding questions, sharing resources, and getting up to snuff with all the best #freshcontent.

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Q: How much does it cost to join?

A: Zero. Nada. Our Slack community is absolutely free to join and always will be.

Q: Can I promote my company’s products?

A: Not really. Our community is a place for connecting and knowledge sharing, not selling. If you really think your product or service will solve someone’s problem and they’ve brought it up, feel free to mention it. But be transparent about your association.

Q: Can I invite other people to join?

A: Please do! While we’re a community of competitive intel specialists, we’ve got the odd person from another profession. If someone you know would find our community helpful, send them our way!