A playbook on using artificial intelligence to scale and improve competitive intelligence work.
Save time with AI.

Finally. A practical primer on AI you can understand.

Stop feeling frustrated with AI. Start using the world's newest breakthrough technology to save you time, maximize your impact, and make your daily competitive intelligence work more enjoyable.

AI in CI Playbook 2024

😤 Are you frustrated with AI tools?

😩 Are you wondering what all the fuss is about with GPTs and LLMs?

😡 Have you tried using AI, but been left feeling confused and overwhelmed?

We’ve got the answers.

We're proud to present the AI in CI Playbook. A digital doc with all the answers you need to:

  • Finally understand how modern AI tools are built, so you can start using them properly.
  • Optimize prompts the right way to access the right knowledge sets and start getting relevant, useful answers.
  • Understand which CI tasks AI is best suited for, so you can save time and maximize your impact.

One eBook. 56 pages. Dozens of practical takeaways.

Here's a sample of what you'll discover when you grab your copy:

🪡 Why fine-tuning isn’t the answer to your problems (and what is!)

📖 How GPTs really “learn,” and how to give any AI the information it needs to generate a great response, no matter which AI tool you use.

📈 6 ways of improving any GPT’s performance, and the two that are the best options for most CI pros.

🐳 What the “Depth Problem” is, and how to solve it.

🧩 5 other limitations of modern-day AI tools, and how these inform the best ways to use these tools for work.

🤫 The one sneaky prompting hack that can instantly lift the quality of an AI’s answers.

🤖 Why AI deserves a place in your competitive intelligence workflow (and how to fit it in.)

😮‍💨 6 types of CI tasks AI can help you with today to save you time and effort, without sacrificing quality.

🪛 5 special prompting techniques that’ll help you maximize the quality of any generative AI agent’s responses.

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