Building a win/loss and competitive intelligence function from scratch: How to skyrocket your win rates


Missed Evan Hill's exciting session on building a win/loss and competitive intelligence function from scratch?💡

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Your company and products exist within a ruthless market. The competition is working around the clock, not only to steal your customers, but also to beat you in open opportunities. 💭

Every loss stings! Sales teams are asking for competitive intelligence, management craves a robust understanding of the competitive market, and revenue leaders are desperately seeking ways to meet their numbers.

The answer? Building a robust competitive intelligence function and win/loss discipline from scratch…. with zero budget. 🙌🏻

Evan walked us through all the tricks of the trade to build and launch an effective competitive intelligence function and win/loss discipline to help your teams win more by:

  • Obtaining psychological buy-in – How to achieve internal buy-in and adoption from Senior Leadership and the Sales Team(s).
  • Defining the tools, techniques, and structure – How to structure the discipline with zero pre-existing budget.
  • How to source intelligence – How to obtain competitive intelligence to help your teams win.
  • Avoid growing pains – Recommendations and focus areas to ensure the discipline matures quickly.
  • Proving its worth – Measuring success and tying competitive intelligence back to revenue.

Watch the recording here👇

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