A short eBook containing competitive intelligence lessons and processes from experts in five different industries:
Your competitive questions, answered
Stop scratching your head over competitive intelligence. Start performing, analyzing, and delivering like a CI veteran.

This eBook – packed with clear, specific details on each step of the proven processes five industry experts use to do CI – will teach you how to gather intel and deliver to stakeholders in a form that works. 🚀

Meet your experts

5 experts. 5 different industries. 5 case studies. Almost 50 years' combined experience. Uncover their tried and tested methods for success.

Mobile gaming

Nadav Moshes, Senior Competitive Intelligence Manager at Playtika


Mindy Regnell, Principal Market & Competitive Intelligence at Postscript

Healthcare technology

Chris Link, Research & Insights Manager at Interlace Health

Cloud computing

Mimi An, Director of Competitive Intelligence at Akamai

DevOps test data management

Clint Sprauve, Director of Product Marketing at Delphix

CI-by-Industry eBook

1 eBook. 5 industry experts. Dozens of actionable insights.

Here's a sample of what you'll discover inside this eBook:

🍔 The unique “hamburger method” that immediately tells you if you’re delivering too much information to stakeholders. (Page 18)

👾 This one KPI from the mobile gaming industry holds the secret to approaching CI the right way. (Page 13)

🙅‍♂️ Why you should think twice before having reps from this team on a win/loss call. (Page 24)

🧹 The quickest, easiest way to stay up to date with competitors if you work in SaaS. (Page 23)

😰 Why field intelligence can be dangerous, and how to use it the right way. (Page 24)

🎯 This surprising method ensures the intel you deliver to stakeholders is accurate. Are you following it? (Page 62)

💔 The one source of competitive intelligence that will never give you a competitive advantage. And what to do about it. (Page 46)

🏆 What you can do to make up for a lack of competitor data and win your niche. (Page 35)

🥂 Over-communicators are a pain, right? Wrong. Discover why over-communicating with stakeholders sparks joy for them on page 18.

🫢 The truth about analysis frameworks, and exactly how to approach analysis to succeed. (Page 52)

🤖 The truth about automation, and how much time tools can really save you. (Page 22)

🤯 The surprising key skill every one of our industry experts said was crucial for CI success. (Page 66)

⌛ What to do to win, even if you’re short on time and resources. (Page 59)

🤫 The unique, light-lift deliverable that helps you scale CI across your org with little effort. (Page 42)

🦄 How to use the intel inside your org to discover unique competitive opportunities. Even in difficult industries. Simply use this technique. (Page 13)

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Stop scratching your head over competitive intelligence. Start performing, analyzing, and delivering like a CI veteran.

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