The fourth edition of our report examining trends in the competitive intelligence function:
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This latest edition of our annual CI deep-dive focuses on the intricacies of how competitive intelligence and product marketing go hand-in-hand. 🤝

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❓ Who’s responsible for competitive intelligence in 2023?

🤔 How is competitive intelligence executed in orgs?

💰 How much is spent annually on competitive intelligence?

🤝 How is competitive intelligence shared across internal teams?

💡 Plus, learn invaluable tips and tools from experts to streamline your approach.

Competitive Intelligence Trends 2023

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🧺 The 2 surprising intelligence gathering methods that reign supreme for the 4th consecutive year.

🔭 93.94% of respondents focus on THIS when studying competitors. Are you doing it too?

🖐️ The 5 simple methods our respondents favored for finding competitor pricing intel when it isn’t listed on a competitor’s website.

📉 When you see a declining score in the openness of other teams to share intel, you know something’s wrong. Experts weigh in on why and how to fix it.

👥 The truth about the teams owning competitive intelligence in 2023.

😡 Does your blood boil when you’re expected to monitor dozens of competitors? Find out if you’re alone.

😤 The recurring challenge that’s still frustrating almost all CI pros.

⭐ The easily overlooked soft skill that could make all the difference in the efficacy of your compete program.

💸 The surprising direction competitive intelligence budgets are moving in, and what that might mean for you.

Meet the experts featured in this report:

Fiona Finn

Director of Product Marketing,

Patrick Wall

Head of Competitive Intelligence and Enablement, Imperva

Farhan Manjiyani

Sr. Manager of Commercialization and Pricing, Grafana Labs

Gal Toren

Competitive Intelligence Team Lead, JFrog

David D'Aprile

VP of Global Product Marketing, Onapsis

...and YOU

Members of the competitive intelligence and product marketing communities.

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