Head-to-Head: The Competitive Intelligence Playbook


Do you wonder if there’s some part of the competitive intelligence process you’re missing? 🧠

Do you dream of wowing your bosses with unbelievable results? 💭

We put together Head-to-Head: The Competitive Intelligence Playbook for people like you. To bring you the knowledge you need to define, then refine your competitive edge.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The six steps you need to conduct a successful CI program.
  • Actionable advice from the top minds in the industry from juggernauts including Airtable, ClickUp, and Atlassian.
  • Free templates that do the hard work for you and bulletproof your approach.
  • Tips for handling CI’s greatest challenges with ease.

Take a sneak peek:

In this playbook, we go into depth on the six core pillars of competitive intelligence. Follow these steps for success and download your copy today for the juicy details. 🍋

  1. Identify your competition.
  2. Gather intelligence.
  3. Conduct competitive analysis.
  4. Develop your competitive strategy.
  5. Enable your teams.
  6. Implement, review and refine your approach.

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So, ready to level up your competitive intelligence results?

Download your copy today and whip your CI program into shape. 👇