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Why have a meetup?

Meetups give community members a way to connect in the real world - outside of our Slack space. They allow members (that’s you!) to network, collaborate, and have a pulse on their local network. We welcome CI experts and newbies alike.

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Our Slack community workspace includes spots for friendly hellos from your new peers, job postings, and open forums for fielding questions, sharing resources, and getting up to snuff with all the best fresh content.

Advice for meetup leads

Choosing a location:

  • Usually, bars and restaurants are best.
  • Bookings are sometimes required, so it’s a good idea to call the venue and check that there aren’t any events happening there that day.
  • Final attendees are typically 40-50% of the final RSVP list.

Before the event:

  • Tues-Thurs generally work best near the end of the month.
  • Usually 6-8pm in your timezone is best for everyone.
  • To make sure we can reach everyone who might want to come, we need about 3 weeks notice.
  • Picking a date/time/venue yourself is a lot easier than asking the community.

During the event:

  • As the lead, please arrive at the venue 10+ minutes before everyone else.
  • It’s a good idea to post a photo of where you’re sitting in the venue to your location channel so others can easily find you.
  • Take a photo of everyone there and post it on your LinkedIn and your location channel - we love to see everyone together! 📸

What happens after the event?

We’d love to keep the party going! Based on the initial in-person meetup, if there’s enough interest, we’d love to support you in continuing regular meetups in your chapter. Hosting responsibilities don’t have to lie with one person. Feel free to nominate the next host.