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🔥 Key discussion points:
✨ Leveraging generative AI for competitive landscape analysis
✨ Crafting content for unbeatable product launches
✨ Elevating collaterals with user-centric sentiment, tonality & intensity
✨ Gaining a distinct competitive edge
✨ Staying ahead in the dynamic market
✨ Realizing the potential of AI-enhanced marketing

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📆 When? October 26, 2023
What time? 11 am EST / 4 pm BST
📍 Where? Live on Zoom

🤝 Get to know the speaker:

Allen Borts is a 30-year veteran of competitive intelligence. He is the founder of both Applied Direct Services Corporation (ADSC) & The SwiftSel Methodologies. ADSC is a marketing communications group from Toronto, Canada that is specialized to the High Technology Industry, and SwiftSel Methodologies have given rise to an estimated 80,000+ Enterprise Grade opportunities for High Technology Groups in a wide variety of valuable & serious technological capabilities.

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