Are you ready to uncover the power of AI in persona building & reaction simulation? 🚀

🌐 The Journey of Persona Evolution

In this captivating webinar, Allen Borts guides us through the thrilling journey of persona evolution. Discover how to seamlessly segment your market by integrating valuable insights from win/loss analyses and other critical data. Learn how to merge this knowledge with private, confidential data to create personas that resonate with authenticity.

🧠 Unlock the Power of AI

Have you ever wondered what is more in tune with Competitive Intelligence than predicting behaviors? The answer lies in the realm of AI! Allen Borts unveils the secrets of using Generative AI to forecast market behaviors with unparalleled precision. Dive deep into the world of purpose-built agents, enabling you to simulate persona reactions like never before.

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🤝 Get to know the speaker:

Allen Borts is a 30-year veteran of competitive intelligence. He is the founder of both Applied Direct Services Corporation (ADSC) & The SwiftSel Methodologies. ADSC is a marketing communications group from Toronto, Canada that is specialized to the High Technology Industry, and SwiftSel Methodologies have given rise to an estimated 80,000+ Enterprise Grade opportunities for High Technology Groups in a wide variety of valuable & serious technological capabilities.