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How Airtable equips sales & customer success to compete against anything

February 21, 2024 | 11am ET / 4pm GMT

Explore how Airtable revolutionizes sales and customer success strategies through individual deal support. Here are three key takeaways from the session:

  • Meeting Sales Where They Are: Airtable's CI team seamlessly integrates individual deal support into existing workflows, ensuring sales teams receive tailored assistance without disruption.
  • Creating Reusable Assets: By crafting customized assets for specific deals, Airtable's CI pros generate a library of proven resources that enhance sales and customer success efforts across the board.
  • Tying Intelligence to Revenue Impact: By actively supporting individual deals, Airtable bridges the gap between competitive intelligence and tangible business outcomes, earning credibility and trust from sales and customer success teams.

Discover how Airtable's innovative approach to individual deal support can transform your organization's competitive edge and drive meaningful results.

Get to know the speakers 👇

Alex McDonnell, Director of Product Marketing, Airtable

Alex McDonnell is the Director of Product Marketing at Airtable, where he leads a dynamic team focused on crafting product positioning strategies that resonate in competitive landscapes. With a keen eye for cutting through the noise, Alex ensures that Airtable's message stands out in the market. His expertise extends to overseeing comprehensive sales enablement initiatives and activation efforts, driving impactful outcomes across the organization's marketing engine. Alex's commitment to strategic marketing and sales alignment fuels Airtable's continued success in delivering memorable experiences to customers worldwide.

Annmarie Minite, Competitive Enablement Manager, Airtable

Annmarie Minite empowers the sales and customer success teams to effectively communicate the value and differentiation of the Airtable platform to prospects and customers alike. With over a decade of diverse experience spanning customer success, enablement, competitive intelligence, and marketing, Annmarie brings a wealth of expertise to her role.

Her strategic thinking, market research acumen, and knack for cross-functional collaboration have been instrumental in driving success at Airtable and previous roles at leading software companies such as Annmarie's passion lies in empowering organizations and teams to thrive and succeed in competitive markets.

How Freshworks used 30-in-30 interviews to identify CI requirements

Unlocking the secrets to competitive intelligence (CI) requirements, Freshworks pioneered a transformative approach: the 30-in-30 interviews. Here's why:

  • New Beginnings, Solid Foundations: Whether you're a newcomer or pioneering a new function, the 30-in-30 interviews provide an invaluable compass. They help you establish a competitive baseline, ensuring you hit the ground running with clarity.
  • Spotlight on Requirements: Delving deep into the pulse of your company, these interviews unearth vital requirements. From understanding market dynamics to internal needs, they shed light on what truly matters.
  • Prioritize and Articulate: With insights in hand, prioritization becomes seamless. The interviews empower you to articulate priorities with precision, aligning stakeholders and strategies effortlessly.
  • Blueprint for Success: Armed with data and vision, the 30-in-30 interviews enable you to craft a robust game plan. From inception to execution, you're equipped to navigate the journey with confidence.

Remember, 30-in-30 interviews aren't just for CI—they're your go-to tool whenever you're blazing trails and need a solid baseline to thrive.

Get to know the speaker 👇

Tracy Berry, Director of Competitive Intelligence & Communication, Freshworks

Tracy Berry is a seasoned professional renowned for her prowess as the Director of Competitive Intelligence & Communication at Freshworks. With a career steeped in competitive intelligence strategy, Tracy brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

Her visionary approach allows her to distill complex information from diverse sources, presenting key insights and strategic recommendations to internal stakeholders with clarity and purpose. Tracy's ability to navigate C-level interactions with finesse underscores her diplomatic prowess and organizational acumen.

A consummate communicator, Tracy excels in tailoring messages to diverse audiences, leveraging her strong written and verbal communication skills. As an active listener, she ensures that every voice is heard and valued.

Tracy thrives on fostering collaboration and building camaraderie among team members, creating an environment where innovation flourishes. Her track record of instilling a culture of competitive intelligence within sales organizations speaks volumes about her leadership and impact.