The Competitive Intelligence Landscape & Salary Survey 2024

Same great annual reports. Half the time filling out surveys. This year, we’re doing things differently.

You want insight-packed reports. Ones that give your career a leg-up. Filling out survey after survey? That’s not the attractive part.

We’ve combined the surveys for our two most popular annual reports into a *condensed* version. Short, sweet, simple.

Best part? With light fingers, you’ll get through this new, combined version in under 10 minutes. 👇

What’s involved

Competitive Intelligence Landscape Survey

Formerly known as the Competitive Intelligence Trends Report, your answers will help us report to you on the state of CI today, answering questions like:

❓ What are the most popular data gathering methods?

🤔 How do pros prioritize their competitors?

🪴 How do CI teams in different-sized businesses approach CI differently?

The finished report will give you all the information you need to modernize every aspect of your existing programs and understand your market rivals in greater detail.

Take a stride towards surpassing your competitors.

“This is all there is?!” 💭

👆 This is what you’ll be thinking when you see this year’s Salary Survey and CI Landscape questions.

Competitive Intelligence Salary Survey

And the second half of this time-saving survey?

Each year, we canvass the community (that’s you) to collate data on compensation in competitive intelligence.

We I.D. the trends, confluences, and correlations between various factors and pay to help you identify:

  • Quick wins and pivots that’ll boost your compensation quickly.
  • Injustices and unseen prejudices that could be holding you back.

With your help, this year’s report will bring you up-to-date answers on questions like:

  • 💰 What’s the baseline salary for CI pros with your job title in your country?
  • 💸 Which industries pay their CI pros eye-watering sums? And which are stingy?
  • 💡 How much more can you expect to get paid when you’re promoted to senior?
  • ❓ How much can you expect to earn for each year of CI experience you gain?
  • 🏳️‍🌈 Are gender, race, or disability correlated with higher or lower pay in CI?

Take this quick survey, and we’ll take your answers, combine them with others from across the industry, and whip together our findings into a digital tome with all the answers you need to:

  • Negotiate your next pay rise;
  • Ensure you’re generously compensated for your hard work;
  • Keep your pay in line with the weight of your responsibilities.

Readers of last year’s report had this to say:

“Solid read for those who are hard at work building their own programs or those who are curious about how much goes into making new and existing CI programs really, truly successful in an organization.”

~ David D’Aprile, VP of Global Product Marketing @Onapsis

Still need convincing?

Last year’s Salary and Landscape reports were downloaded hundreds of times. By participating in this survey, not only do you get to have your say and influence the outcomes of these influential reports…

You'll also unlock instant access to the 2023 edition of our Trends Report, no extra form-filling required.

So you can bring yourself up to speed while you wait for this year’s cutting-edge editions to arrive in your inbox. 🕊️