Competitive intelligence salary survey 2023

Competitive Intelligence

🤔 Are you being undercompensated for your work?

💰 Are other competitive intelligence professionals earning more than you in other cities, states, or countries?

🚚 Could you boost your earnings by 10% just by moving to do CI at a bigger company?

We’ll give you the answers. To all these questions and more. But first? We need something from you.

Not $1000. Not $100. Not even $10.

Nope. We need just seven minutes of your time.

That’s right. If you take seven minutes to complete our salary survey, we’ll take your answers, combine them with answers from across the industry, and whip together our findings into a digital tome with all the answers you need to:

  • Negotiate your next pay rise;
  • Ensure you’re generously compensated for your hard work;
  • Keep your pay in line with the weight of your responsibilities.

With your help, this report will answer questions like:

💸 Which industries pay their CI pros eye-watering sums? And which are stingy?

💡 How much more can you expect to get paid when you’re promoted to senior?

❓ How much can you expect to earn with five years of CI experience?

🏳️‍🌈 Are gender, race, or disability correlated with higher or lower pay in CI?

All of that. Just seven minutes of your time.

Don’t miss this limited-time chance to have your say. 👇