Competitive Intelligence Trends Survey 2023

Competitive Intelligence

Preparation for the Competitive Intelligence Trends Report is underway! 🎉

But it wouldn’t be a world-class report without a sprinkling of wisdom from you, the experts!

The latest edition of our annual CI deep-dive (shared this year with our sister community, Product Marketing Alliance), will focus on the intricacies of how competitive intelligence and product marketing go hand-in-hand.

Complete the survey and help us switch our attention to key topics of discussion, including:

❓ Who’s responsible for competitive intelligence

🤔 How competitive intelligence is executed

💰 How much is spent annually on competitive intelligence

🤝 How competitive intelligence is shared across internal teams

💡 Invaluable tips and tools to streamline your approach

Plus much more…

This report will give you all the information you need to modernize every aspect of your existing programs and understand your market rivals in greater detail.Take a stride towards surpassing your competitors.