Here it is, a brand new episode of the Compete Clarity podcast.

This is the first episode of our new CI-by-industry mini-series. We speak to experts across industries to uncover the similarities and differences between processes based on the unique challenges of performing competitive intelligence in different industries.

Representing the Mobile Gaming industry is Nadav Moshes, Market & Competitive Intelligence Manager at Playtika, a producer and developer of over a dozen mobile games. A lot of products means a lot of challenges, challenges Nadav has managed to overcome and then some.

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‎Business · 2023

In today's episode, we discuss all aspects of the competitive intelligence process in mobile gaming, from data collection and analysis, to delivering that analysis to stakeholders.

Key talking points

• Nadav's favored intelligence sources in an industry where competitor data is scarce.

• The unique challenges of working with many stakeholders, and why it's crucial to get the right balance between “push” and “pull” when serving them.

• What the “hamburger” approach is, and how to use it to transform the way you see working with stakeholders.

Sound interesting? Take a listen. 👇

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