Sales Enablement Landscape Vol. 2


Sales enablement forms a big part of most product marketers’ day-to-day, and we know this because of the 2,000+ PMMs who participated in this year’s State of Product Marketing report, almost three quarters (73.8%) said creating sales collateral made up part of their key responsibilities.

With that in mind, we decided to dig a little deeper into the world of sales enablement, surveying 400+ product marketers in all stages of their career, all over the world to bring you this...The  Sales Enablement Landscape Vol. 2.

In it, you’ll find the answers to questions like…

❓ Who owns sales enablement?

🔥 Which sales enablement assets are most effective?

📎 How do different companies organize their sales enablement efforts?

🙌  Which are the best sales enablement tools on the market?

📐 Do PMMs measure the effectiveness of their sales enablement work?

💪 How much influence do product marketers feel they have in the sales enablement process?

Plus pages and pages of juicy sales enablement stats like…

  • 47.9% of product marketers do not have a dedicated sales enablement team
  • 56.3% of product marketers reported that in their organization sales enablement is solely owned by marketing.
  • According to 78% of product marketers, customer case studies are the most effective sales enablement asset.
  • How about some hot sales enablement tips courtesy of PMMs from organizations like Showpad, HERE Technologies, Seismic, and Formlabs? Yep, they’re in there too.

What are you waiting for? Download all 50 pages for more 👇