State of Competitive Enablement Report 2022


As a competitive intelligence professional, you run the gamut.  You’re talking to three, four, even five departments daily.  You’re fielding requests, prioritizing, informing product positioning, and benefiting your organization in all sorts of ways. 👏

But when your annual review rolls around, you know there’s one question you’re certain to be asked:

“How much did you contribute to the bottom line this year?”

When it comes to making a business impact and advancing your career, sales enablement is where it’s at.

Sales is the team that sits closest to revenue. Their feedback loop is the shortest by far. Enable your sales team with competitive assets, and you’ll maximize the effectiveness of your competitive intelligence, boost the bottom line, and reap the rewards.

So grab yourself a copy of our State of Competitive Enablement report, bring yourself up to speed, and start putting the knowledge you need to work today. 🔥

What we cover:

In this report we bring you valuable insights on the following topics:

  • Competitor growth
  • Tips for remote workers
  • Buyer education
  • Enablement challenges
  • Proving ROI

Here’s a taster of what you’ll find inside:

  • 100% of respondents agree that their market has either increased or sustained its level of competition.
  • 88.8% of that 100% believe their market has become more competitive.
  • 74.2% report their sales teams as the primary consumer of competitive intelligence in the organization.
  • 47.2% of participants say sales reps ask for support on 20% or fewer of their deals.

Want more? Grab your copy now. 👇