State of SWOT Report


Frameworks. In times of uncertainty, they offer us stability. In times of trouble, they offer us safety.

But analytical frameworks? These are the ones you turn to when a new competitor enters the fray. The ones you look to when markets shift and call for a change. When the landscape tilts, uncertainty reigns, and the bold look for opportunities as the wise defend competitive advantages. 🤺

Of these analytical frameworks, one has reigned supreme.


Loved and loathed in equal measure, SWOT analysis divides opinion, but has sat atop its semaphoric tower, guiding strategic marketers to better business decisions, for decades.

But we’ve got burning questions. Questions like:

🔥 Is it time to turn the crown over to a new framework?

☄️ Where is SWOT best applied for maximum ROI?

❤️‍🔥 Do professional marketers even still use SWOT analysis?

We’re surveyed you, the community, to find out.

Download the report to reveal how practitioners are using SWOT analysis in 2023. This report covers everything from:

  • The five top challenges you face performing SWOT, and how to solve them.
  • The best ways to measure success or failure post-SWOT.
  • Whether SWOT is falling out of favor in modern businesses.
  • The best alternative frameworks and how they compare with SWOT.
  • The future of SWOT analysis.

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