Competitive Intelligence Trends Report 2021


Endless information, ever-increasing competition. We know how easy it is for you competitive intelligence professionals to get lost in the details. 🤯

And who could blame you? With so many competitors to keep track of, and with CI in such high demand across organizations, it’s hard enough to step back and take a 10,000-foot view of your own competitive landscape.  Let alone keep track of the state of competitive intelligence in general.

If you’re no longer seeing the forest for the trees, we’re here to help.

Our 2021 Competitive Intelligence Trends report brings you the latest developments in competitive intelligence.

Are you behind the curve? Or ahead in the race?

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Inside, you’ll learn:

We partnered up with Klue to survey hundreds of competitive intelligence and product marketing professionals from every corner of the globe.

Here are just some of your questions we’ve got answers for:

  • Who organizations consider responsible for CI.
  • How competitive intelligence is executed.
  • How often competitors are monitored.
  • The types of competitors businesses focus on.
  • How much budget is spent on CI.
  • CI’s biggest challenges.

And much more.

And since we’re feeling generous, here are a few statistical snippets to really get you going:

  • Almost 70% (69.4%) of respondents monitor competitors at least once a month.
  • Sales and customer success strategy was surprisingly the area least cited by businesses as their key objective for competitive intelligence.
  • The most popular frequency (23.6%) for conducting light spot-checks on competitors was ‘a couple of times per week’.

Find these stats insightful?

Well, you’ll find more where those came from in our Competitive Intelligence Trends report.

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