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2023 eBooks and playbooks

Steps to mastery: First steps in mastering competitive intelligence

Steps to Mastery: First Steps in Mastering Competitive Intelligence
Want tried and true methods, templates, and frameworks you can apply to your competitive intel work today? You’ve come to the right place.

2022 eBooks and playbooks

The competitive positioning playbook

The Competitive Positioning Playbook | CIA
It’s how you position yourself relative to the competition that truly matters. In the Competitive Positioning Playbook, we show you how.

Head-to-head: The competitive intelligence playbook

Head-to-Head: The Competitive Intelligence Playbook
Do you wonder if there’s some part of the competitive intelligence process you’re missing? We put together Head-to-Head: The Competitive Intelligence Playbook for people like you. To bring you the knowledge you need to define, then refine your competitive edge.