Is there any positioning strategy worth its salt that ignores competitors?

Join the Competitive Intelligence Alliance (CIA) and three CI professionals for a live online panel on the topic of Competitive Positioning. 🔥

Tune into our Competitive Positioning Panel on:

🗓 November 3rd
⏰ 15:00 EDT | 12:00 PDT | 19:00 GMT
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Can’t get enough of competitive positioning? Grab the playbook.

We’ve consulted with some of the brightest minds in competitive intelligence and product marketing to bring you the Competitive Positioning Playbook, available October 28th.

Inside you’ll learn:

👷 How to blend CI and customer research for a rock-solid positioning strategy.

🙅‍♀️ The three steps you must not skip in crafting competitive positioning.

🪛 A top-to-bottom tear down of the positioning process, and how CI fits in.

🏹 How to use competitive positioning to shatter your org’s revenue ceiling.

In the meantime, sit back and relax as we deliver you competitive insights direct from those same bright minds.

Meet the Speakers:

Matt Tyrer, Head of Competitive Intelligence at Commvault.
Matt joined Commvault in 2008. As a Sales Engineer, he consulted on, built, and implemented Commvault solutions for a global array of customers. He then made the jump to marketing, where he wore several hats before taking on his current role as Head of Competitive Intelligence. He and his team continue to evolve their CI program, providing valuable insights to stakeholders around the company.

David Paull, Founder of Dialsmith
David Paull is Founder of Lillian Labs, a consultancy focused on buyer personas, competitive intelligence, marketing messaging, and brand storytelling. David is also Founder of Dialsmith, a technology company that develops products and services for data collection and real-time audience feedback. Outside of work, David is on the Board of TEDxPortland (the largest indoor TEDx in the world) and enjoys traveling, hiking, cooking, and photography.

Mitch Comstock, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at LeadIQ.
With more than five years of product marketing experience, mainly as a solo product marketer. Previous to working LeadIQ, he has worked with AkitaBox and Flexential. Mitch has a particular interest in competitive intelligence, sales enablement, and product messaging. Mitch's positioning and messaging skills have been perfected over a lifetime of explaining to people how and why he does not like chocolate and thinks it is a wildly overrated food.