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2023 reports

Competitive Intelligence Trends 2023 (Free Industry Report)
4 years. 24 examined topics. Commentary from 5 experts. Zero cost. Discover emergent trends in the CI function and stay ahead of the curve.

Competitive Intelligence Salary Report

Competitive Intelligence Salary Report 2023 | CIA
An industry report on global competitive intelligence salaries, examining correlations and discrepancies between pay and factors like seniority, gender, location, and certifications.

State of SWOT report

State of SWOT Report | Competitive Intelligence Alliance
SWOT analysis divides opinion, but has sat atop its semaphoric tower, guiding strategic marketers to better business decisions, for decades. Download the report to learn SWOT best practices, future forecasts, and more.

Tools of Choice report

Competitive Intelligence Tools of Choice Report 2023 | CIA
Competitive intelligence sits at the intersection of marketing and revenue enablement. With high stakes, disparate data sources, and a mandate to leave no stone unturned, CI pros face an organizational nightmare. The answer? Tools.

2022 reports

Competitive Intelligence Trends Report 2022
Sponsored by Klue and Kompyte, the Competitive Intelligence Trends Report 2022 offers insights into how product marketing contributes to the CI process, and how findings influence day-to-day practice.

State of competitive enablement report

State of Competitive Enablement Report 2022 | CIA
As a competitive intelligence professional, you run the gamut. You’re talking to three, four, even five departments daily. You’re fielding requests, prioritizing, informing product positioning, and benefiting your organization in all sorts of ways. 👏

Sales enablement landscape report

Sales Enablement Landscape Report Vol. 2 | CIA
Sales enablement forms a big part of most product marketers’ day-to-day, and we know this because of the 2,000+ PMMs who participated in this year’s State of Product Marketing report, almost three quarters (73.8%) said creating sales collateral made up part of their key responsibilities.

2021 reports

Competitive Intelligence Trends Report 2021 | CIA
Our 2021 Competitive Intelligence Trends report brings you the latest developments in competitive intelligence. Are you behind the curve? Or ahead in the race? Download your copy now to find out.